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Book One



This fascinating series of independent tales takes a critical look at our society and tackles some of today's most pressing issues. Extremism, nationalism and environmental concerns all come under the spotlight in this remarkable series. The tales will take you to the precipice and leave you dangling there. Get ready to question your thoughts, your actions, and wonder what those about you are planning.

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Mo-Complete-Cover fron cover.jpg


Book One

Catapulted out of the sheltered world of infancy into the raw – sometimes brutal – environment of new adolescence, Mo finds himself abandoned by cherished childhood friends and subjected to racial insults, bullying and general torment.
All the while, sinister forces are beckoning him to follow a violent path. And yet, another mysterious voice is attempting to guide him.
Delving at times into the supernatural and at others into violent extremism, this intriguing and intelligent story can be seen as a modern day morality tale which will keep readers guessing throughout. This book will challenge your notions of right and wrong. It will take you, with the protagonist, to a cliff edge. You will feel uncomfortable, you will feel wronged, you will feel like Mo.

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Exit Velocity

Book Two

One poisoner, several suspects, many victims. This tale of twists and turns and interconnected lives will take you on a rollercoaster journey as you discover who dies, who survives and who is ultimately responsible for so much destruction. S Pearce’s classic whodunnit tale will keep you guessing until the very end. Fingers point in every direction as the poisoner exploits a community rife with greed and neglect, ripping through the fabric of society and exposing its seedy underbelly.



Book Three

One man’s quest to bolster his position in the community soon spirals out of control in this exciting and dark political thriller. The Mayor of Solingham, flawed, impulsive and charismatic, sets his town on a controversial course, thereby setting in motion a series of events in which he finds himself increasingly isolated.
Friends, family, colleagues, strangers – the Mayor struggles to negotiate them all as tension spreads throughout the town. Then a routine day out takes an unexpected turn, and the Mayor must face his gravest challenge yet – survival in a cave, deep underground, and reliant on those he has hurt most to rescue him. This timely tale of political ambition and manipulation has a timeless quality, warning against the dangers of disconnecting from those about us.

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